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Cultural promotion

Because we believe that it should have a universal reach and everyone should benefit from it, we promote, organise and participate in cultural events, to generate access to culture for the children, adolescents, young people andfamilies of the Historic Centre of Lleida.

Through traditions, festivals and popular customs, we generate the participation and involvement of children, young people and their families in cultural initiatives, in order to improve their sense of belonging and make the most of learning through the creative process.

We involve the people we serve in planning, creating and evaluating these events, paying particular attention to the educational aspects.


Spring activities
[dilluns, 20 de gener de 2014]

We want to spread awareness about the transformation process of the Historic Centre and its most positive realities, promoting spaces shared between different cultures, for both those that live in the neighbourhood and those from elsewhere in the city, who in most cases they do not know.

For this reason, each spring we organise workshops, games, cultural outings to emblematic places, snacks, football tournaments between different neighbourhood teams, etc. We promote the involvement of the children, young people and families of the neighbourhood, and the participation of the rest of the population of Lleida, in the whole process of planning, preparing and carrying out all of the various activities.

Theatre and short films
[dilluns, 20 de gener de 2014]

We want to open the perspectives of children and young people towards other realities and the discovery of the arts as resources for personal growth, involving them in the creation of theatrical works.

Along with them, we carry out drama classes, character studies, memorisation and interpretation of roles, rehearsals and, finally, the showing of “Los Pastorcillos” (“The Shepherd Boys”) and “Cuento de Navidad” (“A Christmas Tale”), giving them direct knowledge of the filming and set-up of short films.

We actively involve young people in the process of creating and assembling these sets.


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