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School education

We develop specific programmes for students with difficulties adapting to school education and at risk of social exclusion, with the objective of giving them confidence in their opportunities for professional success and reinforcing their learning.

Students receive work adapted to their level and, at the same time, carry out workshops and practical activities related to different occupations.

This tutorial campaign facilitates strategies for the development of emotional and social abilities and orients the student toward the future, giving them tools to improve their personal, professional and social autonomy.

Personalised attention helps to strengthen learning tools and provides emotional support in a small environment with flexible organisation and operation.

At the moment this service is run through Unidades de Escolarización Compartida (SharedSchoolingUnits), a resource linked to the Departamentd’Ensenyament (Department of Education) of the Generalitat of Catalunya (Government of Catalunya).

Programmes developed
[dissabte, 14 de desembre de 2013]

UEC PROSEC Historic Centre 2005-15.
UEC PROSEC Almacelles 2008-15.
UEC PROSEC Lleida-Cappont 2013-15.

UEC PROSEC Les Borges Blanques 2006-14.

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