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Street Education

Being loyal to our vocation and trying to meet the needs that we identify in our surroundings, we also serve children and adolescents who can’t access any other educational resources during their free time.

We use free time and games as educational and pedagogical tools, with the aim of improving or reinforcing the personal skills and abilities children and young people need in order to develop healthily.

In this field we carry out events in the streets and squares of the Historic Centre, facilitating interaction with other agents, and in this way, strengthening the feeling of belonging to the neighbourhood.

Street intervention project
[dilluns, 20 de gener de 2014]

The methodology we employ in this intervention is based on carrying out activities and workshops on the street aimed atconsolidating the acquisition of basic rules for living together, citizenship, and learning personal skills and abilities.

At the group level, we use the resources of the area, whether to organise our own activities or to attend those held by others. In this way we bring these resources directly to children and families. We also promote social cohesion and strengthen constructive community life through sport.

In the community sphere, we organise campaigns and activities that promote spaces to bring different organisations together and resources for work with young children and adolescents who are at risk.

We want to create a shared space, where all relationships are based on respect and tolerance, and to advocate gender equality, coeducation and environmental awareness.

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