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Informal Education

In this field we work to promote the inclusion of children, adolescents, young people and their families, empowering them and improving their personal skills, thus reducing the likelihood of marginalisation and social exclusion.

Through informal education we provide support to children and young peoplewith structured learning objectives and an educational purpose, helping them to acquire personal skills and complementing their formal education.

The methodology we work with is fun and relaxed. We use games and workshops, and coordinate closely with local social services to improve efficiency.

“CasalCompanyia” and “CasalRemolins” Municipal Drop-in Centres
[dissabte, 18 de gener de 2014]

PROSEC has been running the “CasalCompanyia” and “CasalRemolins”municipal drop-in centres since 1996 and 2005 respectively.

In these centres we offer the children, adolescents and young people of the neighbourhood a welcoming and shared space where they can have fun, develop and grow as people, receiving individual and group support.

The people we serve belong mostly to vulnerable groups in the city, from families with social, educational and economic difficulties.

Our educational project ranges from the reinforcement of basic skills at each stage of schooling or the joint responsibility of families in the education process of children and young people, to the basic hygiene and health or the management of emotions, self-criticism and personal resilience.

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