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Vocational training

We carry out training in order to improve the employability of the people the organisation serves in relation to their career prospects and opportunities to enter the labour market.

We analyse the employment situation and training of each person we serve and guide them towards a personalised training itinerary which will improve their job prospects.

At the same time, we maintain contact with companies in order to build bridges and contacts that will improve job prospects for the people we serve.

Some of the things that we do
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Welcome workshops for immigrants

We support and guide people who have just arrived in the country on filing paperwork and training itineraries to improve their social integration and entry into the workforce.

Literacy workshop and basic Catalan

Catalan is a powerful tool for entry into the workforce in our city. We offer Catalan workshops to assist in the search for work for the people we serve.

Personal and professional skills workshop

To enter the workforce certain knowledge and skills are required, whether they are professional or personal, which we work on individually in order to improve job applications.

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