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Mission and values

The purpose of PROSEC is to support vulnerable groups, especially those with a lack of resources or social, educational, training or employment problems.

We build and implement projects, develop and manage operations and promote initiatives, always to the utmost quality and satisfaction.

We commit ourselves to maintaining a professional relationship with those with whom we work, offering a professional job with the means we have at our disposal.

We offer a comprehensive, respectful and responsible service.

Our goal is for our employees, volunteers and partners to act ethically, facilitating thetraining, employment, privacy, prevention and security resources necessary for the duties they perform in accordance with current legislation.

PROSEC members determine that its values must cover every initiative, action and project we carry out, and that the people involved in them must have them in mind when they carry them out.

These values are: service to the people; commitment and solidarity;professionalism; ethics and transparency; social respect; intercultural consciousness; and citizenship.

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