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Promotion of childhood

Obra Social "La Caixa" - ProInfancia

CaixaProinfancia is an strategic program of social Foundation “la Caixa”. It’s main challenge is to boost socio-educational actions o promote the development of minors and their families, with the objective of creation future opportunities in education, leisure, health and other social issues.


Which is the objective?
Its objective is to break the circle of poverty transmission from parents to children and thus to guarantee an access to quality education opportunities.

Who should attend?
Aimed at children and young people aged 0 to 18 years and their families in economic poverty and social vulnerability.

What services are provided?
It carries out an integral intervention directed to children and their families by providing school support services, counseling, non-formal education and leisure time, as well as aid for food and child hygiene products, school equipment, glasses and hearing aids .

How does it work?
Proinfancia acts on the territory of Lleida in two priorities areas. Mariola and Northeast area , which includes Balafia, Secà de Sant pere and Pardinyes . Both are managed by a General Coordinator and a reference for area.

How to become a participant?
One can access the program in derived way by the public Administration or directly by the coordinating entity PROSEC or by any other collaborative entity.

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