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Get involved with PROSEC

Do you want to support us? Let us explain how.

  As an employee

Send us your Curriculum Vitae and indicate which field or fields in whichyou are interested in working.

As soon as a position comes up, we will select those with the required qualifications and experience and then contact those selected in order to inform them briefly about the position and begin the selection process.

As a volunteer

Send us an e-mail and explain what in particular you would like to do or in which fields you would like to work and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Our Volunteer Programme is described below, where you will find detailed information about types of volunteers and the welcome and training you will receive.

Other ways to support us

We accept regular and one-off donations and also materials for any of our activities. If you think you can support us in this way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Spread the word about our activities

Talk about it. Share it on social media. Tell people who may be interested about our work. Subscribe to our news bulletin.

PROSEC volunteer programme
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Project volunteers

This group is made up of volunteers who carry out tasks in the various projects that are currently under way on the ground.

They basically provide support to the educators in the activities to which they are designated. As far as the people we serve are concerned, they ae equal to the educators, but clearly do not have the same responsibilities.

As a rule, they are clear about which field in particular in which they would like to volunteer (e.g. young children, immigration, etc.).

This is temporary volunteering that normally takes place 1 to 5 days a week.

Volunteer administrators of new projects

This group of volunteers does not work on any current project. Rather, they use these as platforms to develop a new project, field, etc. provided, of course, that the proposed project is in accordance with the objectives of the organisation and has the explicit approval of the Board of Directors.

This type of voluntary position has no fixed time period, but depends on the proposal and the involvement of the volunteer.

The proposals that arise from this group of volunteers will be reviewed, accepted and supervised by a Head of Department of the organisation and no decision that could affect the image, budget, objectives and/or structure of the new project can be made independently and without the explicit approval of a Head of Department, General Coordinator or President of the organisation.

Casual Volunteers

Volunteers with no particular specialty who can help with a one-off increase in workload or volunteer on an on-call basis on specific jobs. Most of the time, they help with a special activity which requires more people than are available, e.g. a trip with a group of children, community clean-up, preparation of certificates, etc.

As the name implies, casual volunteering is sporadic (one specific day, a few hours, etc.).

Some availability is required, although volunteers are not obliged to respond to the request.



First interview

This is when the volunteer will explain their motivations and interests and when, from the point of view of the organisation, we will briefly explain the association and the Volunteer Programme (including the types of volunteers, rights and responsibilities and places where volunteers work). Finally, we will determine the type of volunteering work and field or project in which the volunteer would like to participate.

Second meeting

This is when the volunteer will fill out the registration sheet, give their personal information, authorisation and get their insurance.

The Head of Department or Manager will explain where the volunteer will carry out the service and establish the hours and days required to be worked. If possible, the volunteer will visit the centre and be introduced to the other volunteers.

First day

The volunteer will be given concrete instructions about the job, the places in which it will be performed, equipment to be used, etc. and the hours, days and period of work will be confirmed.

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