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Guidance and employability

We advise and support people in search of employment.

We create personalised plans for entry into the workforce for unemployed people, which we complement with active job searches.

We focus our attention on the basic knowledge and skills needed to conduct an adequate job search.

INCORPORA programme for workforce entry
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“La Caixa”’s “Incorpora” (Incorporate) programme works for the labour market integration of groups at risk of social exclusion, based on the belief that respectable work is the first step in the fight against poverty and marginalisation.

A working modelfor a network ofsocial organisationshas been developed, as well as a solidarity network of businesses in the name of corporate social responsibility.

PROSEC has formed part of this innovative programme since 2006, because it incorporates the things the social and corporate fabric need to ensure successful entry into the workforce.

Businesses are offered anintermediation service that provides comprehensive support, monitoring, adaptation and care for the employee in their job.

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Aimed at local prison inmates serving the final part of their sentence, the Reincorpora (Reincorporate) programme is based on the concept of learning-service, a proposal that has an educational purpose and is socially useful.

It combines vocational training and community service, which encourages the development of skills, abilities and values while promoting social participation and citizenship.

To maximise the success of this programmein securing entry into the workforce for these people, a comprehensive service is offered covering all the aspects which resulted in imprisonment.

“La Feina” Club
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The goal of this project is to offer a space where the people we serve can access the necessary resources and tools for an active job search.

Here the people we serve have access to materials and equipment, and we provide personalised careers guidance informing them about training opportunities and job offers that match their profile.

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