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Volunteer programme

Through the volunteer programme we try to boost the active participation of volunteers in run by the organisation as well as other projects in which they are needed.

We offer tasks designed to adequately motivate volunteers, a gradual process of induction into the organisation and an ongoing training programme.

The Volunteer Programme that we have designed establishes the rights, responsibilities and methodsof the volunteer, as well as training and learning methodologies and certificates.

Within this plan, but under some more concrete conditions, we include participants in the European Voluntary Service section of the Erasmus+ Programme.

How can I become a volunteer with PROSEC?
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If you are someone who thinks another world is possible and you want to pitch in, you can support us in various ways which are detailed in the section “get involved with PROSEC”.

Get involved with PROSEC

European Voluntary Service (EVS)
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EVS is a programme aimed at young people between the age of 18 and 25 who want to volunteer in a European Union country.

This project lasts from 3 weeks to 12 months and it must have a social, cultural or participatory goal that benefits the community. The program offers all kinds of young people, regardless of their economic status, social class, education, race or creed, the opportunity to participate.

PROSEC volunteers carry out their work at child and youth drop-in centres. They are given linguistic training and continuous personal support related to their respective tasks throughout their stay.

Since the beginning of the project in 1998, 60 volunteers of 20 different nationalities have volunteered with us.



Erasmus + programme

Our SVE Project

Youth volunteering campaign (Secretary of State for Young People)
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We conduct campaigns to inform people about the services and projects we develop and to promote the PROSEC Volunteering Programme in order to boost volunteer participation with the organisation or in special events.

The objective is to promote volunteering not only as a tool for social assistance but also as a learning process.

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